How does HORIZONTEER work?

AGILE innovation for Small and Medium Businesses

We progress to the next horizon by experimenting and learning, concluding and trying again. One step further each time. Every step makes the future more tangible.

In our approach we apply what large companies and successful start-ups have been doing to drive disruptive innovation for years - we bring proven methods such as LeanStartup, DesignThinking, GrowthHacking from the boardroom to the workplace.

We work with a clear step-by-step plan, from scope to analysis to idea development, testing and validation and then implementation. Every step with a clear beginning, middle and end. After each step, we determine together how to proceed.


Our Horizonteers work for you, within your company. As part of your organization, both onsite and virtually, as you prefer.

No expensive reports, but a good mind with an extra set of hands to get things done.

At a fixed price, with clear agreements.

As the client, you are fully in charge and determine what happens.


Our Horizonteers are smart, digital-native young professionals with the right tools in their pocket.

Being young professionals, they are sharp enough to keep on asking questions, open-minded enough to not just accept anything, curious enough to spot new angles.

The Horizonteers build on the knowledge and ideas that are already present in your company. They bring them together and develop complete concepts. With their fresh outlook and open attitude, they bring new perspectives and are the drivers of innovation.

Behind every Horizonteer is Rein Hintzen, the founder of Horizonteer. He looks over her or his shoulder and mentors them intensively.

And he will always be your primary point of contact and advisor.