HORIZONTEER helps to quickly and efficiently realise entrepreneurial ideas

We believe that innovation is necessary continuously, but does not come naturally. We note that many organisations are stuck in their day-to-day business and cannot get beyond small improvements to what they are already doing.

Often it’s clear which direction you need to go. However, time and attention are lacking to take bigger, more impactful steps. And often no one is skilled at driving innovation. As a result, you do not make any progress.

Why do we fail to make the step to the next horizon?



Time and attention of the people in the company go to what is important in the short term. There is always a customer with extra needs, or a fire that needs to be put out.

It appears to be very difficult to reserve capacity for longer-term projects. You really have to sit down for it, and time is scarce.

Not working on the long term is not as bad as letting slip on what needs to be done now to achieve turnover and customer satisfaction.


It’s very difficult to make quality time for innovation.

Coming up with and testing new ideas, business models and partnerships requires a completely different approach than improving your current business.


You have to go off the beaten track, embrace uncertainty and dare to make mistakes in order to learn. This requires a completely different approach from peoples everyday activities.

And not only is it a completely different kind of work, it also doesn't happen every day. That is why people are much less trained on driving innovation.

Few people have a good grasp on innovation.

Horizonteer helps companies find their way to innovation.
Converting ideas into business.