The Horizonteer innovation toolkit

Every Horizonteer project that we do at a company is unique. Every company has its own challenge to achieve growth, and the best way to approach this is always custom work.

Fortunately, we never start from scratch. From our structured step-by-step plan, we repeatedly encounter similar questions from our customers: What is the true value of the offer? What needs do different groups of customers have? In what different ways can we make money? What is the best selling argument?

This is where our innovation toolkit helps us be effective. For every type of question there is a clear tool to get started. This way you quickly gain insights and you can structure your thoughts.

Tools alone are never the answer. You must know how to use them. That is why our Horizonteers are thoroughly trained in the entire toolkit - and know how to use it to achieve rapid progress.


Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas helps entrepreneurs to look strategically at the business and model how money is earned together with partners, customers and suppliers.

You look at your business model from all aspects and can use the canvas to design, test, validate and take new business models in a new direction.

It was invented by Alexander Osterwalder. He wrote the book 'Business Model Generation' (2010) about it together with Yves Pigneur.

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Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas helps to clarify the value your offer has for your customers. You can use it to design new products and services that your customers really want.

This canvas was also invented by Alexander Osterwalder. He wrote the book 'Value Proposition Design' (2013) about it together with Yves Pigneur.

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Customer Journey Canvas

The Customer Journey Canvas helps to map out what a customer experiences while he or she is looking for a solution to a need - and in course comes into contact with your offer, which she may choose and use it. What works well and where are obstacles?

By looking closely at this, you will gain new insights into how you can better design and offer your products and services to make customers happy.

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Delft Design Guide

At Horizonteer we like to learn from good principles that have already proven themselves. And where we can we proudly re-use them.

For our toolkit we like to make use of the Delft Design Guide, in which many useful models and tools are described.