Who is Rein Hintzen?

Rein Hintzen, founder of Horizonteer

I am an Industrial Design Engineer by origin. My passion is bringing new ideas to life, by connecting people and business opportunities to achieving new growth.

For almost 23 years I was able to gain a broad experience at Philips. First by doing it myself, and later by doing it together with others. In sales, in marketing and in business management.

My role was often to spot the opportunities and to mobilise a team to jointly realise them. In my last role at Philips, I set up and rolled out an innovation learning program across the entire company.

I have learned there is usually no shortage of good ideas, however realising them is the real challenge. Developing something new is a quite a different task from improving what is already there.

You need a different mindset. That of the explorer, not that of the executer. You have to dare to let go and be amazed by what you encounter.

Many people find this quite intimidating, because it seems unpredictable and chaotic. But actually the process is very simple, predictable and structured at heart. At Philips, I have gone through and fine-tuned this design process hundreds of times. This experience is the basis on which I have built Horizonteer.

During my career I have worked on all continents of the world - and in a wide variety of industries and locations. From business to consumer products, from innovation centers to factories, from regional sales organisations to headquarters. It left me with a wide network of great people from all over the world.

In addition, I have seen many examples of teams and organisations that work well, and ones that do not. And how you should use manage change to transform and make it work again. The most important thing is to take all people with you, with respect and attention.

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And why Horizonteer?

Because I believe in the power of the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit - and would like to contribute to strengthen it.
Because I see my work experience as a great privilege, and I would like to give back to society.
Because I believe in the next generation and want to help young professionals shape their own future.