Would you like to continue to discuss how Horizonteer could help you?

Call or email Rein Hintzen

Call me at +31 611 885 263, email me at reinhintzen@horizonteer.nl

What will we discuss?

It starts with an informal conversation. In it you can discuss where your need for innovation or acceleration lies.

In the conversation we aim to understand which ideas already exist and what it would take to realise them.

Sometimes the question is broader - for instance to make a choice between different opportunities. In other cases, the question is more precise  - for instance to take an existing idea further.

In all cases, the ultimate aim is to make the chosen idea tangible and to realise it.

If you decide to start to work with Horizonteer, this first meeting forms the basis for the assignment description. And on basis of the assignment we match the right Horizonteer to work with you.

So it all starts with the first step: an open conversation.